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The LUT Bond is an acronym for the Letter of Undertaking which is a document filed by an exporter to get relief from payment of IGST on exports. The government has provided the option of filing LUT for exporters to do exports without payment of IGST in order to boost the exports. 

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  • Cover letter requesting acceptance of LUT
  • One copy of GST registration Bond
  • Two sets of original Form GST-RFD-11
  • Two sets of original Annexure of LUT on the letterhead of the entity. Remember the signature of all undertakers should be verified by the Bank Manager. Two witnesses are also required.
  • This Annexure of LUT should be notarized.
  • The personal IDs of both the witnesses must be attached. The details mentioned in the LUT must be matched with the name and address on personal IDs.
  • Personal IDs and PAN Card of all undertakers.
  • Incorporation documents of an entity such as a Bond of incorporation for the company, Partnership deed for a partnership firm.
  • PAN Of entity
  • A copy of Authorization letter authorizing director/ board resolution/ partner to file an application.
  • Self-declaration on letterhead for the eligibility of LUT
  • Invoices summary raised against export sales and get it certified from Chartered Accountant. Then attach all invoices of export sales.
  • Collections summary against export sales during the year and get it certified from Chartered Accountant. Then attach all evidence for such collections.
  • A copy of the IEC Code, If any


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